Send emails when the app is offline

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to develop a stock management application and I need to send emails (notifications) to other users when certains condition are met. I’m using the timer of the step to program these emails but it stops when the app goes off. My question is… there any possibility of continue sending emails when the app is not active?

Thanks in advance! Any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately the app must be running somewhere in order to send email/SMS messages.

There is a feature coming, but a can’t remember the name, but they are essentially headless apps which I believe under the hood run as AWS Lambda functions.

One alternative we’ve used in my organization is to have a “Server” app that’s always running on a desktop (and set to auto launch if the PC reboots etc.).

We then create a table that stores timestamp “heartbeats” from the apps we’re monitoring. The app creates a new heartbeat entry every 3 minutes or so.

Back in the server app, it runs a trigger every X number of minutes to see if the vital app’s heartbeat is more than X minutes old, and if so, it triggers an alert that the app may be down.

Not the most ideal solution, but we’re also using this “Server” app as a print server for our tablets (the app just has to be running for that functionality) and to leverage OPC signals to create new table entries when our machines output a “product change.”


Thanks a lot for the answers! I will try to do it in that way.