Background Service Executions

Let’s say I have an app that can track action items with due dates. I’d like to automated email reminders to be sent periodically (e.g., 1 month out, 2 weeks out, 1 week out, etc.). Key emphasis on automated emails.

As I know now, this can be done but requires a Tulip instance to be running on the app & step configured with a timer to execute trigger(s).

But what about when the app is not active or Tulip is not open? Are there any means for a ‘service’-like method of executing triggers? Like a Tulip instance app that runs constantly (without an app) and can execute triggers on timed events or some external trigger (tulip table, api, etc.).

I’m curious if anyone has done something like this before. Ideas?

hello @Jim, that’s a great question. thanks for posting!! I’m also curious to hear what others have to share.

have you considered using NodeRED on an EdgeMC to achieve this?? as you can see here: March 2021 App Competition [Node-RED] some users are already using it to execute background services. let me know your thoughts on this!!