Sharing Dashboards to non-tulips

Hi Community.

It is possible to share configured Tulip Analysis to non-Tulip users via URL. This is a great feature when want to follow on current trending and live data on e.g. big screens.
However, to my knowledge, it is not possible to share an entire Dashboard to non-Tulip users. You need to be able to log-in into Tulip to see it. Am I missing something here?
Is there a work-around?
If my understanding is correct, can I file a improvement suggestion? :slight_smile:

I know there is already a topic with this by @carrara.g from Nov. 2020 Sharing Dashboards - Show and tell - Tulip Community
But our non-tulip users cannot access the shared link without logging in. Maybe something changed in the past 3 years.


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You should be able to share an entire dashboard with non-Tulip users (See our Knowledge Base article How to Share Analyses or Dashboards). I am not sure why this isnโ€™t working for you in this case. Could you perhaps provide some screenshots to show the issue?



Hi @Beth.
Sorry about that, the user has misunderstood something and I jumped right at it. :slight_smile:
All is good.
Thanks for your reply.


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@HCEH great! Iโ€™m glad everything is working as expected - have a great weekend :slight_smile: