Shippo Connectors error after no changes + resolves itself

Late last week (Thursday or Friday) I began getting errors from all HTTP Queries going to shippo through tulip. All other queries going through the same cloudhost to other APIs were working perfectly fine, and the same queries outside of tulip (via Postman) were communicating perfectly fine with shippo’s API.

Today, the connectors stopped giving errors and gave expected matching returns. I am the only person working on this, and as far as I am aware, no changes were made to cause or fix the problem either time. Is this an error someone can break down for me, and explain what might have caused it?

I included photos of the initial error as well as one of the (now working) tulip connector queries and postman queries. I did not take photos of a tulip shippo query while it was broken, but I am 99% sure no changes were made (which is why I am currently confused and unable to replicate this problem).