Signature Widget Comments Fields

Hi Tulip Community, I need to know if is possible to prepopulate the field with some commentary to prevent is save with not data


Hi @AdolfoZamora - Welcome to Tulip Community! :tada:

I want to better understand your question - are you wanting to make sure this comment box is filled in the by the signer every time?

Or are you looking to verify data is correct/entered before the signing user signs off?

Let us know how we can help!

Hi @Beth, Im looking for a way to write automatic a NA (not applicable) if the user left in blank the space, because in some case we do this mandatory and do not allow to continue if we require a comment, but in some case is not mandatory but on the site if the user do not have a comment the just write NA to the field

Hi @AdolfoZamora -

I am double checking if this is possible to “pre-populate” the comment box, but my hunch is that it is not possible.

Can I ask more about why you would have the comment marked as required in the signature widget configuration if it is not actually required? I can understand wanting to error-proof always having a comment on the signature, but if you are pre-populating the comment with “N/A,” there could be a scenario where the operator should be writing a comment but forgets and leaves “N/A”, then this would also be a problem, correct?

Just wanting to better understand the use case here!