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I need to know how to program trigger logic in the dropdown menu in my first step so that when a product from the menu is selected, it takes you to another step containing an image of the product and a list of checkpoints for final assembly. Note: the products in my drop down menu are from a created record. Thanks!

Hi @WRH108 and welcome to Tulip Community! :tada: We are glad you are here :slight_smile:

I made a simple drop down menu to help illustrate how you might do this. I am using static values, but you can have variables or a table aggregation in here instead and it will still work

To program the trigger to navigate to a specific step for the product I selected, I’ll add a trigger to the drop down and do some logic similar to as follows:

This will then take you to a specific step (here, my specified “product 1 step”). You will just need to add in triggers for each option of your drop down.

Does this help with that you are looking for?

Another thing I might suggest. Depending on your process, you may just want to split your app into separate apps for each product, that way you do not have to build complicated trigger logic to navigate within apps.
See some of our resources on this composable building approach here (How to Design a Tulip Solution) and this Tulip University Course ( as well!

Thank you so much! I am building an app as apart of training on my job for a potential Tulip Developer position, so it is critical I am able to utilize Tulip Community to learn and solve problems. I will apply this info and share my results!

Awesome! Happy to help :). I also recommend checking out out Tulip University courses - specifically the Get Started - Tulip University course to help learn all the essentials of building Tulip apps