Single Select Widget Use Case

Hello, I am trying to create an application feature where when you select something from a single select drop down it shows an image of an assembly and the start button takes you to the application for the assembly.

I have a table created that has the assembly part number, decription, image, and video of the exploded assembly. What is the best approach in creating quick trigger logic to display the image, description, and part number, in addition change the start button to go the the build application?

Hi @Shrmnatr -

It sounds like you want to accomplish something similar to this example John did a while back Using Values In One Single Select Menu to Dynamically Populate Values in a Second Single Select Menu (Part 1)

You could populate your single select this way, then you save what is selected to a variable. After that, you could add trigger logic to you “next” button to check if the variable matches your criteria, and if it does, then you can add a transition to complete the current app and go to another app by name. You could add if/then clauses to account for all the selection options.

Could be other ways to approach this but just my initial thought!