Sorting Connector Function Returns by Most Recent | Scrolling By Index Position in Connector Returns

Hi Folks. This little demo started as a way to show how you would use a connector function to sort items in a table from newest to oldest, originally from a product suggestion by @lucy.fahler. This method is the long way around the barn, and there are ways simpler ways to achieve the same result. That said, if you’ve ever used filters or sorts in a connector function, this is a decent overview of how that syntax works.

In order to display the images in the app, however, I needed to go one step further, and create logic that let me access specific index positions within the array returned by the connector. Shout out to @thorsten.langner for sharing this technique here a few months ago! The idea is that you add a connector input in the dot notation of a connector output where an index position would go. It’s a very, very nifty way to make complex returns more workable.

So while there are simpler ways to do almost everything I’m showing here, there’re some nuggets of interest I thought were worth sharing.