Store text button on a variable

I purpose an improvement about button. Indeed, i will create an app for my users and one step is to choose the machine they are working on.

So i create one button per machine.

I add some print screen to explain my idea. You will find below my main screen. The user select his machine.

And my trigger for the button 71. For each button, i store the machine number to a variable and pass to the next step. I add a screenshot on the next post

In my case, i would like to create a button and store his text value on a variable like that :
Data Manipulation > Store > Button Text > Variable > Machine

After it will be easy for me to duplicate it and just change my text on the button. It will accelerate my development.


This is the screenshot for each trigger linked to a button


Hi Guillaume, this is certainly a popular request! I will take a look with the engineering team and then update this thread when we get a chance to start work.

Hi Guillaume, the popular work around for this is to create a rectangle shape with a text variable on top of that and a button with no text and the fill set to transparent. Then you just change that text variable to change the button name. If you need the trigger to go to a different step based on the machine number you can use go to step by name. I can go more in depth if you need more details