Text on button as a variable

I don’t know if it is possible to put my button text as a variable. I will try to explain my problem for my usecase.
On my app, i have a window where my users have to select the machine they are working on. So, i create a button for each machine (it’s easier than a select list for them). So on my trigger, i have an action to store my machine number on a variable. So i duplicate it for each machine and i change my button text and the trigger associated (in my case, my static value).
For me, if my text on the button is variable, i earn a lot time to create my app, because i will duplicate each button et only change the text on it.

hello @Guillaume, thanks for posting!! this in an interesting topic.

while the Text on the Button cannot be directly driven off of a Variable (unlike the Button’s color, which can by driven off a Variable), there are some interesting solutions you may be interested in.

users sometimes use a transparent Button with no text, and place a Variable underneath the button with what you’d like to display. here’s the Button:

and here (behind it) is the Variable:

of course, the color/font/size of the Variable can be customized to match what you’d like.

do you think this solution will work for you??

I already find a workaround. I do the same thing with a transparent button. i think, in some case, my machine numbers never change. For, it will be a good functionality to have a button and if i write a text int this one, a variable will be created. It’s just an idea to accelerate development.

I add some print screen to explain my idea. You will find below my main screen

And my trigger for the button 71 (next post because i can’t put more than one screen :frowning: )

In my case, it will be create to have on my trigger
Data Manipulation > Store > Button Text > Variable > Machine

After i can duplicate it and just change my text on the button.


This is my trigger

thanks for the update @Guillaume!!

do you think you could post a suggestion in Product suggestions - Tulip Community??