Table and Record Placeholder is not showing in Test Mode

Hello Team,
I have one table, I has linked this table with Record placeholder.
when I am going to check this table records in test mode, I am not able to see the Record place holder.
I have attached the screen shot for your reference.


Would you be able to post a full screen screenshot (blacking out any confidential info if necessary), as well as a screenshot of the Records tab in the App Editor?

If you’d rather not post screenshots, I’d recommend bringing this issue to office hours.

Hello Sydney Doyle
Thanks for the Quick Reply.
I have attached full screen shot for your Reference.

Thanks for the screenshots!

I’m wondering if maybe you are experiencing the same issue another user experienced in this thread, where the stpWasteReport placeholder is at the bottom, inaccessible by scrolling.

I’ll bump this bug again to our team!

Hello Sydney Doyle
please let me know once got the solution.

Kiran kale