Table automatically removed if there is no record placeholder created

I just noticed that if I add a table to an app and do not create a record placeholder for that table the table is removed from the “RECORDS” tab as soon as I change back to the “STEPS” tab.
I don’t recall this happening before, is this an intentional behaviour?

Also the table is removed from the “RECORD” tab if I remove an existing placeholder.

I’m guessing this is a way to stop apps being linked to tables when they are not really in use. If there is no placeholder its not used in the app.

Hi @Rakitha, are you still experiencing this behavior? This sounds like a bug to me. I couldn’t recreate it myself, and I’m curious if it’s resolved or something that we need to look into.

I do experience the same behaviour.

But I never cared about this. To me it makes kind of sense. What do you need a table for, that is not in use?

Yes to me that makes absolutely sense.
The actual link to the table is the usage itself…

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@thorsten.langner thanks for sharing that you’ve experienced this too. I can understand it from an intuitive perspective, as in “all tables must have placeholders otherwise is a tunnel with no doors”, but from a UX perspective it seems iffy. A scenario I’m thinking of is: What if I added a table to the records pane and then wanted to build out the rest of the UI, or if I needed to go back to the table to adjust same table queries? ← (that scenario has been accounted for in the design and doesn’t apply)

I want to run this past the product folks, thanks for surfacing!

@Rakitha @thorsten.langner, checked with the team that owns this: it is expected behavior for unlinked tables to disappear.

Thank you @John and @thorsten.langner for following this up and resolving.