Table Color Font Size

We are building a dashboard where we want to use colors to highlight when operators need to take a certain action. Embedding a table is working well for this use case however the color field does not scale with the font size increases. This dashboard will be on a wall so trying to make the color element more visible. Is there anyway to increase the size?

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Hey @jschmid53,

Thanks for the patience getting back to you! This sparked some good conversation with our design team. There is a feature request in for this, and it sounds like it would probably be a pretty straightforward win.

Right now there isn’t a good way to do this natively with the interactive table widget. The way I would probably approach this problem with the current functionality is to split my app into 4 steps-

  1. Overall table view (what you currently have)
  2. One step for red orders
  3. One step for yellow orders and
  4. One for green orders.

Each of these tables could be the same interactive table, just filtered by the status field. Maybe you do something like match the orange boarder with the status color for the filtered tables, so it is clear you are looking at the red orders.

You can make apps auto advance from step to step with a timer trigger.

Thoughts on this approach in the interim?

Thanks Pete for the feedback. We can give that a try.

Hey @Pete_Hartnett,
we would also benefit greatly from a more dynamic table coloring scheme. I hope this feature request is on its way to release in the foreseable future.
kind regards