Table filter not working?

Hello guys. I have 2 tables - one is a work order table and the second is an order submit table. I am trying to ensure an operator cannot start a work order thats already been submitted.

I have a put a filter on the first table aka work order table such that it shouldnt show any work order values that already exist in the second table. But it doesnt seem to be working

Any ideas of how to solve this issue?

PS - Work Order ID is the work order name for the first table and Work order is the work order name for the second table

Hi @tarek.rahman,

a Table Record, is always only one line in your table.
A Work Order from this record is only one single Work Order.

You could try working with Queries.
The Table you want to filter gets a querie like this:

Your input is an “Unique Values” Aggregation on an unfiltered Querie.

But keep in mind, the maximum output of a querie is limited on 1000 results.