Filtering on a variable(s) for a table analytics

Hi all, this doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult to do. I have a table of ‘failure causes’, which is basically a table of work order, a discrete failure code, and a qty, which for now is just 1 for each row. I am able to build a pareto chart for the whole table but I’d like to filter out based on the work order, which might be either a text or numeric field. How can I do this??



Hey @wkurth4008,

This is totally something you can do within an app.

The example dataset I have to work with is for audits, but this approach could easily be applied to your usecase. In this case I want to see audits by line, and I want to filter this analytic by if they passed or failed.

  1. Make your analytic without your filter applied.

  2. Add it to an app.

  3. In the filters section, select the table field you want to filter on, and the variable you want to filter against.

From there your analytic will dynamically update whenever a user updates the value of the filter variable.

Does this fit your need?

Yup! That works just like I wanted!! :smiley: