Variable Driven Analysis


We have a table that we use to record scrap. Each scrap entry is a new table entry with the order # and scrap type listed. We would like to build an analysis that displays a pareto for types of scrap for the order that is currently running.

The issue: to do this we have found doing a pareto for the entire table and then filtering by ‘Order Number Equals = 15232’. There are a couple issues with this. First, we would need a new analysis for each order (thousands a month) because we cant reference a app variable in the filter. This solution just isn’t practical for our application.

Another possible solution could be to filter by machine, and then by time. 2 issues with this approach. 1. We have hundreds of machines, duplicating 4 analysis per machine X hundreds of machines is a huge issue
2. The time based filter is very problematic with the current functionality. If it is set as last hour it won’t reflect defects accurately over a 100 hr order, if its set to last 3 days that might include 5 different orders
This solution would only work if the time since was variable driven, based on order start time, but if we could do that, the original problem is resolved.


Hi Peter,

We have same kind of request. We want to include in our apps quality analytics for log-in user. Use apps variable as analytics filter can leverage embedded analytics in apps.