[Tip of the Week] Embed Widget

hello all,

in this week’s Tip of the Week, we’d like to share how to embed webpages in Apps and how many interesting use cases it can unlock!!

for these examples, we’ll get into looking at how to embed Google Docs and a QR Code widget. (however, I will mention that a lot of sites block their ability to be embedded and will not allow you to embed them directly in your apps)

to embed a webpage, simply navigate to Embed > Webpage:

once you add this widget, you’ll have the option to either use a Static Value or a Variable as the URL for the webpage. in this example I’m simply embedding a Google Doc (please note that the sharing settings do need to be adjusted on the Google Doc):

at this point, you will see the Google Doc embedded in your app:

alternatively, you can also drive the embedded webpage from a Variable, which allows you to dynamically load webpages as the Variable changes. in this example, we simply load a QR Code as the user changes the input:


are you using this feature?? if so, share here below what webpages you’re displaying!!

as a note, this feature is not enabled by default. if you’d like it on your site, send me via direct message the URL of your instance and we can enable it for you!!