Tulip App Groups: Drag and Drop not working

Hello! Following up on a bug I asked Pete about during office hours today.

I want to move an App from one App Group to another. When I drag-and-drop an App into a new folder there’s a very brief “flash” to the bottom of the folder I’m trying to put it into, and then it returns to the standard drag-and-drop behavior. When I place it, the directory at the top (i.e. “Apps / Tulip Library”) doesn’t change. When I refresh the page, the App is no longer in the destination App Group I placed it in.

Interesting note: Pete was able to drag-and-drop Apps to new locations in my instance. For some reason I still cannot. I attempted this in a private window to see if that would remove the problem, but it didn’t.

I have pics below showing the problem in sequence (hopefully in order). If anyone has a good screen recording recommendation I’d be happy to record and post this as a gif!

Thanks for your help,

2022-09-22 16_01_59-Window

2022-09-22 16_02_27-Window

2022-09-22 16_03_04-Window

2022-09-22 16_03_23-Window

It’s not doing the flickering thing this morning, but it’s still leaving the file in the folder where it started.
Drag and Drop issue2


I just wrote a bug report for this to see if I can’t get some more information around what might cause this behavior and collect any other users struggling with this. As I said yesterday, debugging bugs we can’t reproduce is always tricky, but the developers might have some ideas on what could be causing this just on your machine.

CRAZY IDEA - have you tried it in chrome instead of firefox? That could be the difference you and I were seeing


Pete you absolute legend
Drag and Drop issue3

Chrome on the left, Firefox on the right. It did the flickering thing in chrome when I moved the app too. So firefox updates and displays the actions of Chrome, but not vice versa.

Something not in the gif worth noting: that “Bravo” app I was moving, oh, 10 minutes ago, is now no longer in Tulip Library. Now it’s in Work Order Tracking, below where i recorded the GIF. So that’s weird :smiley:

For now when I need to move apps between app groups I’ll do it in Chrome. Pete you’re officially released from the bonds of “Moving Apps for Katie”.

HAHA! Glad we got this sorted out. I bet I (and more importantly the developers) can recreate this bug now. Let me get this one fixed!

Thanks for reporting!