Tulip for Growing (Culinary) Mushrooms

Hey Folks, I wanted to share a Tulip project I’ve been working on at home.

I’ve been growing food mushrooms at home—mostly different strains of oyster mushroom alongside some experiments w/ shitake, chestnut, lionsmane, and others—for about two years now. It’s easy outdoors in the summer, but I wanted to try it in the winter, too, so I built a version of this “boomroom” by Northspore. It allows me automate a humidity schedule and control air exchange in a greenhouse environment.

Point is, where you’re talking about condition monitoring, you’re talking about something that is bread and butter for Tulip. So I borrowed and Edge MC and some phidget sensors, and built an app to help me track conditions in the tent over time.

Here’s an overview of the app:

The results have been tasty:

~1.5lbs of yellow oysters

A nice cluster of Chestnut mushrooms almost ready to harvest.


woah, that’s pretty neat!

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Thanks @jasonh! I was shocked at how easy it was. It’s like making a sour dough starter with inoculated grain and straw instead of starter and flour.

@RDuke, check out the video in this thread. I use gauges that take variables to define min/max and other parameters.

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Awesome! Would you be able to share the json package for these gauges?

@RDuke send me a PM with your instance and I’ll drop the widget off. We’re planning to release the radial gauge next week.

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!