Tulip table too big for excel export

We have a table on our instance that is almost universally used by our apps. I just tried to export it from the Tables menu. When i open the file it exported i get an error that the file is too big to fit in the excel grid. There should probably be an edge case for this in the export that if there are more rows than excel can handle it exports into multiple tabs

Also when exporting from the table menu it doesn’t take into account any currently active query like the export to CSV option does on an interactive table widget.

EXCEL is limited to 1,048,576 rows.

This is not changeable by TULIP developers.

What you can do is to open an empty Excel document, go to the “Data” tab in Excel and choose “From text/csv” (could be hidden under “get data” > “from file” or so)

Then you get all the data in excel and you can work with it in the power query.

There is no point in putting a million rows into one sheet (nobody can work with the unfiltered dataset). But then you have all the data to make your analytics, queries, joins and so on…

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