Tulip Table Row Download/Export Limitations

I have been downloading our main tulip table for offline analysis in Excel, and after 10 months of running we are almost at 250k records.

Understanding that the tulip table itself does not have a limit, I’m curious what will happen when the tulip table row count exceeds Excel limitations.

Will I only be able to access in Excel the oldest ~1M rows? Or the most recent?

In LTS 8.2 I don’t see any option to download query results (wherein I could set cutoff dates, or prescribe a sort order). Is downloading/exporting query results possible in LTS 11?

The export is a *.csv which is not an EXCEL format.

→ So the export should work. (What I can not guarantee, so someone from TULIP should confirm this…)

However, the Import and handling in EXCEL is still subject to Excel limitations.
But evaluation of data with over a million rows is possible in EXCEL.
To do so, you must not load the data into a sheet, but import it into the data model in EXCEL.
There you can run queries and create pivot charts and so on.

Does that help?