UCL line and condition (from expression) based colors to bar graph


We are trying to produce a graph that shows the OEE for each hour in a shift (8) compared to the target OEE (ideally a straight line across). If the OEE for the hour is at or above the target line, we would like the bar to be green if its below it would need to be red. The issue we currently have that is preventing this is that the OEE number is an expression and not a number. Is there some sort of workaround you’d recommend for us to achieve this? I have been bouncing the idea of creating a sperate Tulip table that collects freeze shots of the OEE expression in order to produce a number, but I don’t believe we were able to make that work. This is a very standard production analysis request so I’m hoping you have some sort of work around or method for us to achieve this.

The picture below shows the current WIP version of this with the green bar being the target and the blue bar being the actual for that hour. This is not ideal and we would much rather have what I mentioned above.