Unique Machine States based on Machine Types

Across multiple machine types, currently you have to share machine states. Different business units or departments can and do have different criteria and naming conventions for machine states beyond running, stopped or idle. This causes a longer running list to sort through; owners from one site may delete or edit another site owner’s work and may lead to duplication. It would be nice to have these states dependent upon machine types at the very least, if not by different sites. Will environments address this?
If not, it would certainly be a helpful and strong nice-to-have.


Hi Alex-
Thanks for the idea! Improvements to machine states and downtime reasons for machine types are currently in progress and this should address what you are describing. Keep an eye out for it in the next several releases. How this relates to environments is still up in the air so if you have more details on how it would best work for your company we would love to hear about it.

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