USB Button requirements

I can trigger a USB button:

We bought a universal button that can be freely programmed.
What signal does tulip expect as output?

For example, the foot pedal from factory kit just sends a “b”

Daniel from DMG

Hey @Daniel,

Can you provide more details on the button?

I would recommend you pretend that it’s a barcode scanner and use the generic barcode driver. You can enter the PID and VID of the button and the output can be anything as long as it ends with a CR or newline. You can find more information here.

Hey @dillon
It’s been a while. I hope you are well! The idea of using the barcode scanner is as simple as it is ingenious. This has a good chance of working. We will try it out.
Jeremy can provide here more infos about the Hardware…

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Hey @dillon,

thanks for your great idea! :slightly_smiling_face:
We will try it out with the customer and share the result here.

The usb-button is complete programable, so this will be no problem to send a barcode like “12345” plus CR.
Here you can find the Details for the PBT-Series:

Ah yes, that button should work well with this method. Let me know how it goes!

Hope you are both enjoying the German spring, sad to be missing the spargelzeit this year :grinning:

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@dillon I can send you some…

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A short feedback:
We set that up successfully. I can recommend it to everyone!
Many interesting applications can be implemented with it. :+1:

awesome to hear @Daniel!! thanks for following up.

what types of use cases/Apps will you be building with the button??