Using date range without a year?

I was making an app that would post birthdays and anniversaries to slack and am struggling to find a way to use just the month/day of a date to check a range.
I set it up to record the last day the app was run and post all records that are between the LastRun date and the current RunDate - which works fine but only grabs info if it’s in that year… which doesn’t work so well for birthdays and hire dates.

An example to try to be clear - I’m hoping for a way to have the date range say records between March 4th and March 17th should be posted regardless of year. If Mark was born 3/15/1973 and Jill 3/5/1997 I’m hoping to get both of them without every other record between 1973 and 1997 (unless they were also 3/4-3/17).

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Hi @tflickinger,

my first thoughts are:

  • you could use a connector function (if you have any SQL connector, you could use SQL).
  • you could build a custom widget, and use java script
  • you could use datetotext, then replace the actual year with any year you choose (like 1970 or so) and do a texttodate. Then you can compare these dates, because they are all in the given year.