Using NI USB-6003 DAQ USB Device with Tulip

Hi, we want to interface to low-voltage digital I/O signals (3.0V), as well as read and output 0V to 5V analogue voltages. Alas Tulip Edge I/O does not appear to be able to directly do this – interface electronics could possibly be made to do most of this except the DAC, but would not be ideal. The NI USB-6003 DAQ USB Device is ideal for these voltages.

Is there a Tulip driver for this device? Or is there another suitible device that there are Tulip drivers for? Failing those, could we request one to be written?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @idk2069, I ran this question past our hardware folks and here’s what they think:

  • This device would require us to install a driver so it’s not supported OTB
  • If id doesn’t require a driver, it still may take a significant amount of work to integrate (it looks like the protocol has a nodejs library, but it hasn’t been maintained since like 2015 and there are no node-red integrations)
  • You may be able to find a different DAC that is over a protocol we support (ex: can be controlled over serial usb/rs232/rs485, or tcp/ethernet, or something like that)
  • For requesting drivers, you can route this request through your account rep or CSM

Hope this helps!

@John @idk2069 @kcamenzind – we were looking at something like this: ADAM-4024. 4 AOs, 4 DIs. You could use the Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP (Edge IO) or just the Modbus TCP (Edge MC) on the devices LAN or WAN port depending on your networking setup.

Thank you for the idea, alas the ADAM-4024 is designed for industrial I/O voltage levels. It’s looking more like LabVIEW with is’s supported I/O voltages is more suitable for low-level PCB testing.