Using wireless tags as experimental pick-to-light

The TLDR is used some wirelesstags, lambda, AWS API gateway and tulip to make a quick home version of pick-to-light

The long version is explained in more detail here


This is awesome!!
Great work and thanks for sharing with the community!

@mellerbeck this reminds me of some of our internal hackathons here at Tulip :slight_smile: Also this makes me think of another community post by Spencer Wright, found here. I have a couple questions for you,

  1. Do you have other ideas for things you’d like to experiment with using Tulip at home?

  2. Expanding on this pick to light experiment - do you have any interest in evaluating Tulip Gateway to connect other bits of hardware? We have two devices - Edge MC and Edge IO and could be a good way to extend what you’re doing even further. More info on that here. You may also find this interesting too :slight_smile:

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I would like to play with them :slight_smile: