Light Kit - more flexible

Do you know if there are any focus on improving the Light Kit functionality?
We find it a bit limiting. We always aim to make our apps flexible and dynamic and use tables to keep config information.

  • One improvement we would like see is to be able to add more than one Light Kit box to an edge device.
    e.g. Add addressing to the box so it can be selected in the trigger logic.

  • What about allowing more than 60LED pr. channel by adding an option for external power to the LED strip. Could be enabled in the driver including needed warnings.

  • Another option could be to allow variable as input for edge addressing in the logic.

  • Based on the previous suggestions the configuration page would also need an update.

Use case: Pick by Light, 4 meter wide shelf having a total of 18 meter shelves.

In addition to this is it possible to add some more functionality in the app? Like a blink function? Maybe configurable strip length since these are neopixels? Brightness of each strip?

These would be super useful and add nice aesthetics to applications.

Is there anyone at tulip currently working on Tulip Light kit improvements aware of this topic?

Hey All!

Thanks for the patience on this thread, created a bunch of conversations internally, but nothing bubbled to the surface. I created a handful of feature requests to address some of these ideas. Right now there isn’t active development happening on a v2 of light kit, but many of these improvements could be made exclusively on the software side.


Thanks for responding Pete, The suggestions I made I believe are all software changes. What exactly needs to happen before a feature request is acted upon?