Please support 150 LEDs of light strip to specify bin

Hello Development Team,

Some of our customers are trying to use light strips for some large shelves.

Normally the light strip of SMD 5050 has 5 m long and 300 LEDs in it. So, if both Edge IO and Light Kit can create a bin from 150 LEDs or more, it’s very useful for our customers and I think it will be a practical solution for picking parts.

As you can image, there are a lot of large shelves, parts, materials in factories. If our customers really want to use Tulip light kit in practice, 60 LEDs are not sufficient. Only 1m is the maximum length for a light strip. We have to cut it in five and use 5 channel and can’t use it for large shelves and areas.

I think we might use minimum 2 or 3 LEDs for 1 bin, so if Tulip can create a bin from 150 LEDs, light kit become much useful than now.

Kind Regards,

Hi Akira,

Thank you for the suggestion. There seem to be some hardware limitations with the Edge IO - the microcontroller cannot support more than ~60 LEDs per strip. It would require a different microcontroller to manage the LEDs.



Hello Jake-san,

I understood that it seems to be some hardware limitations. I hope Edge IO will be able to support more LEDs.

Kind Regards,
Akira Takahashi

Hey @Akira I just wanted to share a solution I have used in the past for this problem. We may be limited to 60 LEDs per strip but they do sell light strips with a greater spacing between the LEDs. I’ve used three of these connected in series (20 LEDs per strip, 4" spacing ~= approx 20 ft per strip) to cover a lot of ground Adafruit NeoPixel LED Dots Strand - 20 LED 4 Pitch : ID 3631 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

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Hello Mark-san,

Oh, thank you so much for introducing a light strip with a greater spaceing between the LEDs.

The other option from me is using a WLED Controller. It has several channels of LED strips and supports JSON API via Wi-Fi.

With Edge IO and this kind of device, we can control more LEDs and more LED strips via Tulip Connector. You will be interested in WLED project and I think you like it. There is a WLED node of Node-RED too. But it’s a little bit complicated. So that’s why I suggest this.

Kind Regards,
Akira Takahashi

I love the WLED project! I’ve used it for personal projects at home (mostly for christmas and halloween). Its so simple to install on an ESP32 and control from your phone. Integrating something like that with a Tulip connector would work as well I’m sure. Didn’t know they had a node red flow as well, thanks!

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