Video widget doesn't scale for portrait orientation

I’m embedding a video using the “Video” widget. My problem is that the video was shot in portrait orientation, but the video player only scales for landscape orientation. If I make the video widget 500 pixels wide and 560 pixels tall, the top 500x280 pixels contain the video player, and the lower half of the widget is completely empty.

I’d like it if the video player scaled to the widget size and played the video with the correct aspect ratio, adding black bars on the sides or top and bottom as needed.

This suggestion should be closed. The video I was embedding was originally filmed in portrait orientation, but it was re-encoded in a landscape container with black bars, which is why the video widget had black bars regardless of how I resized it. The video widget does scale correctly with an actual portrait video source.

I apologize for my misunderstanding.

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Hi @pstandard, thanks so much for following up on this post! I can see why this would be a really tricky thing to troubleshoot—one of the most common things I wind up working on with folks in office hours is diagnosing whether or not a problem is something that needs to be address in or out of Tulip. You closing the loop here is going to save someone a big headache down the line, :fist_right: :fist_left: