Feature to facilitate the organization of widgets

Hello community, :tulip:

I would like to request a feature to expand the size of widgets within a page, specifically images and videos. It would be by pressing a button within the widget column on the right.

For example, once you select a widget, there is a button for the widget to expand to the closest detectable edge.

Being more ambitious, it’d be great to be able to do the same thing with textbox and when expanding them, the font size also expands.

I know that there are features such as distributing, horizontally and vertically aligning the widgets, but I think that these features could be improved in the future.

Thank you for reading

Hey @Jhondy -

At this point, its rare to hear a new idea, much less a great one, but you did it!

I will bring this up with our head of design and get her thoughts. I can see a bunch of edge cases we would need an answer for:

  1. Do we allow to expand in just width or just height expansion to fill, or both?
  2. Do we snap to both elements on the same step and base layout? do we make it configurable?
  3. Do we respect transparent elements?
  4. Do we enable this functionality for all widget types? if not, which ones?

There is a bunch of work going on right now around widget management (see widgets in the step tree now), more valuable functionality around this will be landing very soon. That work won’t include this functionality initially, but if the community would use this, it might be something we could sneak in sooner rather than later.

Would anyone else use this? Keep the great ideas coming,

Hi @Pete_Hartnett -

  • Allow to expand both

Personally, I don’t prefer configurable because I know I wouldn’t use it, although I admit that maybe other people would use configurable


As an initial phase, it’d be enough just for images, videos, documents and texts.

Any other suggestions from you that you want to implement would be great. Thank you for your time :v:

Hey @Jhondy

Thanks for this context! I will pass this info to the design team and the engineering team working on the app editor and see what they think. There is a documented need to rework a number of widget formatting things (like out auto snap features leave something to be desired, toggle between snap and grid, and no snapping).

Keep the great ideas coming!

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