Want to explore how to enable AI triggers, Frontline Copilot into the app


I am new to Tulip platform and trying to build a equipment One app for the maintenance purpose. One of the feature that I am trying to include is to see if I can enable some AI features such as text translation and extracting answers based on document. This is primarily to go through the maintenance procedure and equipment manual

What I read, Tulip has AI trigger and Frontline Copilot that can perform this. Can you please tell how can those be enabled. Does it come as a custom widget or a add on and how can it be added in the app.

Thanks in advance

Hey @KratikaSingh -

If you shoot me an email at copilot@tulip.co I will go ahead and get copilot enabled in your instance. Right now this functionality is just opt-in, as part of a beta.


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Thanks for the response Pete

Can you also let me know whether there is any price associated with it or not as its part of beta and just to confirm AI trigger is also part of the copilot and would be enabled in the same manner.

Thanks again