What is the logic behind the automated rewrite in the expression editor?

I just need some simple substraction but Tulip will always rewrite my expression into this convoluted mess…


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Hi @sebme,

what is the original you typed in, which is messed up?
What I see:

  • there is no need for parenthesis a-b-c is the same as ((a-b)-c)
  • the editor always removes all line breaks and double white spaces
  • the Names are just longer than the width of the editor; thats why it adds the word wraps. It tries to break at a white space (after “Table”) but if not possible it just breaks in the middle of the word.

you are actually doing a check if a - b - c - d - e not equals 0
It is also the same as a != b + c + d + e

What the Expression editor does is only cosmetically bad. I

If there is more that that, you should shere your input (how you expect it).

That is a good one right there: there is no need for parenthesis.

But that is exactly what the editor makes out of it after it is saved.

What I originally entered was: a-b-c-d-e != 0