What resources do you need for supporting tulip at your company?

I am trying to get a feel for what our company is going to need resource wise to get tulip off the ground. Right now we are doing a staged deployment with work instructions as our first roll out. But we eventually want to be able to integrate machines, and connect our different software’s etc. to make an industry 4.0 manufacturing environment. I’m curious where other users are at, and what resources you have or need at the point you are so I can get a better feel of what this implementation is going to take. It will also help for when I request resources for this platform in the future.

Hey @Shrmnatr -

I can speak to this a little as someone who rolled Tulip to ~250 stations over about a year. Our infrastructure was fairly complicated (machine monitoring, lots of tags, kepware, etc) along with our apps (lots of interfaces with other systems, some custom systems outside of tulip, etc). We did this with a handful of resources:

  • 1 FTE Sr mfg engineer - Tracking metrics, managing purchasing of hardware, working with legal, etc
  • .75 FTE Jr mfg engineer - Building apps and associated systems, supporting training and deployment
  • .5 FTE Technician - Deploying hardware, supporting player deployment, etc
  • .25 FTE IT Technician - Supporting infrastructure, deploying connector host, etc.

As we scaled to a second site, we added another sr mfg engineer to own the deployment there, along with a technician on that site. This seemed to be a reasonable crew to be able to address all the needs of one of these deployments.

Hope this helps,

What level of support can Tulip supply for the planning of a new roll out

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Hey Pete, thanks for the response. I guess I am trying to determine how many hours it will be to bring the system online for work instructions and connected devices (not software) only.

I am doing a cost benefit analysis and need to provide an adequate look into what our integration hours are going to look like. Or if I should even have to calculate that in.