Words with error

Hello Tulip team,

We are downloading several tables from our apps and we realized that many words are changing en their spelling. For example, in spanish the word “reparación” have an accent mark in the o. When we download the table from tulip we saw it as below:


Could you please help us with this issue, since we need to fix all words in our different tables…

Tanks so much in advance

Hi Judyth, you could you try to open your file as described here: Export/Read table CSV - chinese. I got a similar issues with chinese character in the past.

Thanks @pte for your comments, I just do not know where I need to set that.
When I download a table, only appears the following message:

was the same for you?

Thanks so much in advance.

Hi Judyth,
You can export the table as usual (click on the blue button export) but you should not open it directly by clicking on it. To make the file readable you need to open a blank spreadsheet and follow this steps to open your file : (Export/Read table CSV - chinese).



I got it¡¡¡
Thanks so much for your recommendation. Now much time free to do other stuff.



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