Zebra Basic Interpreter Support via Tulip Player

Zebra support pointed me to this Zebra Basic Interpreter offering of theirs which allows for more dynamic use of printers incorporating data feeds, multi-“page” prints (to accommodate spillover content), and more.

Long-ish video explaining ZBI can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPYB8iq8goE&t=185

Any plan to evaluate this for incorporation into Tulip Player?

Hey James,

Thanks for sharing this! This is interesting - Question for you, what type of printing are you trying to do that spurred zebra to point you to the ZBI?


In general, I wanted to be able to print across multiple labels if the dynamic content of the print exceeds the printable area of one label, including header/footer content with pagination to connect them if separated.

Specifically, I was trying to emulate pack slips (printed on label stock) that I have recieved from online retailers, such that I could use the same label printer as for labelling individual items (in pouches, label on the pouch) to print out a pack slip listing the lot/serial #s for however many of each product # were packed. I could also use this to print a multi-page pick list (i.e. product # and quantity) if the operator has to go away from Tulip to pick the required items before packing.