A password acting field

Can I, somehow, use an input box as a password field, meaning, if the user enter data into it, it will appear on screen with ***** instead of the data itself (like 12345) ?

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Amit Berku

hello @Amit, this is not possible using the Text (or any other inputs) in an App.

you could however, add a rectangle on top of the Input Widget that blocks what the user has entered:

do you think this solution could work well for you?? let us know!!

Hi Gio,
It’s really not so good solution, because when you put this rectangle or any other shape on top of this text box, when you run this step, there is no auto-focus on this input box (see another question of mine about the get focus issue), so you can’t enter any text there because there is no focus.

I can’t ask the user to click tab until the focus will be there and guess that the focus arrived there.

And if the focus is eventually set, the user can’t see that anything is typed there.

Can you suggest other solution ?

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Hi Amit, I am a product manager at Tulip and I would love to learn more. What value would you like to use for the password? Are you looking for operators to be able to sign with their badge ID, or something else?

Hi Kevin,
We have a step where the user should weigh a cart of meat and I have to prevent him from typing manually the weigh value by keyboard but let him type only if the scale is not working for any reason.
In this case I want his manager to enter a private password to give him the permission to enter a value by keyboard, this password must be hidden by * char (like enterance screen to any application in the world that need user and password), this password can contains letters or numbers, to validate the value, I will add a field to the users data table and match the value from screen with this field, how can I do that in Tulip ?
I hope that I cleared my issue now.

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Okay, and is there a single private password that is shared among ALL managers? Or is there one private password per manager?

Also, do these managers actively use the “Badge ID” field? Or do they not currently use that for anything?

Hi Kevin,
Each manager will have his personal password, our project administrator will be in charge of those passwords infront of each manager.
As I wrote, in the users table, I will add a field for this password, I don’t want them to use the badge id, because it can’t be changed if they want to chage the password.
The badge id is useful for entering the player.
As you might know, we are still in the POC period so I don’t know yet what will be the use of the badge id.

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Have you checked out the functionality of Signature Forms? Creating A Signature Form Step | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps

This is the feature that we usually recommend for these cases. It might require a little bit of a workaround with the user badge ID AND specific codes, but it will obscure the user input and can be selected by pressing “tab” on the keyboard once. None of our widgets have autofocus at the moment.

Hi Kevin.kononenko ,
we have tried for signature form but it is showing only username and not password