Accessing names of people registered in instance

When inside a step form, can i populate the options of a dropdown question with the names of people registered/signed into the instance?

Hi Wei, there is no way to dynamically populate dropdown options at the moment. This is a great suggestion, and I will share it with our product team.

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Hey @kevin.kononenko ! Just curious if this was implemented or if it’s still planned at least? No worries, just curious.

@justin.mai , not yet, but we are calling it the “Userpicker” widget and I think I know how it will work. What are you hoping to do with this?

I’m just going through the Tulip University courses and thought it would be cool – in the Production Visibility App lecture – to have a dropdown selection of recent work orders from a Table. I don’t know if it’s the best UI decision, but just for curiosity’s sake. I guess the real root reason is I went and created a bunch of random, 16+ character long ID’s in my Table and wanted to select them instead of type them :slight_smile:

Just getting a feel for the functionality; apps are exciting to me and I’m just happy I don’t have to muck with CSS and all the web formatting horror haha

Agreed! We are launching that functionality in the next few weeks- the ability to press an option from an Embedded Table in the Player and be able to fire trigger logic based on that.

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