Active logic on connector function table

I have a small table that returns from a connector function (as an array that each value is an objects of fields), I want to execute a logic that checks, if the third column is full of data (such as batch data for all materials), goto the step X, otherwise goto step Y.
How can I implement such logic ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

hello @Amit, thanks for posting. this is a great question!!

depending on how exactly the Array is built from your Connector Function, you can:

  • store the element you want in a Variable or Array
  • get the element you’re interested in from that Array
  • in a subsequent Trigger, add a Conditional statement that checks whether or not it’s empty.

here’s an example:

(please note that range is an element the Array [from Connector] Variable):

did I understand your question correctly?? let us know!!