Check if table from connector function is empty

As a result by executing a connector function by REST, I’m getting several tables and structures, one of the tables is for error log that is full only when an error occoured during the process, how can I check by the trigger if this table is empty or not ?

The only options I get there are :

So there is no option to check whether the table is empty or not, how can I check it out ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

hello @Amit,

one way to solve this would be to add an Action after your Connector Functions runs to store the length of the Array:

you can then add a Condition (in a subsequent Trigger) to only execute if the length of the Array is > than 0:

let me know if this makes sense!!

Hi Gio,
How I didn’t think about it :slight_smile: of course the table that come in the resultset is an array of objects, so every function that works on arrays will work on those tables (still in the way of thinking like other langauges), yes, It’s working great !

Thank you,

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