Add PDF files to Table Records

At this moment only images are allowed into Table Records, is there are any other option for uploading PDFs files?

Hey @emendoza,

Thanks for the recommendation - This platform limitation is being addressed in an upcoming sprint (starting in early summer). Expected delivery to the first customers will be sometime in early Q3. Too early to commit to a specific release or date, but it’s coming.

Keep the good ideas coming.

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Hi Pete, does this extend to the more general request of Store Documents in Tables or will it be just PDF’s?

Edit: Also in our use case we would want to attach the PDFs at runtime via an app widget

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Hey Ethan,

Initially the scope is just PDF’s, but I would love to know the other filetypes you would be interested if we supported them.

The app editor part of this puzzle is something I would love more detail on. Where would you be looking to get the files in app to come from? The result of printing a step? the file explorer? Something else?