Display a file stored in table in an app

What are the different ways to show a pdf file that is stored in a table in an app step? Ideally I would like the file to open in a separate window that can be zoomed in or out and then close when no longer needed. A button trigger is used to open the file. Useful for opening a multi-page instruction document that is available when needed throughout the app.

A separate question on file: if I save scanned invoices in the table and need to get a copy of it to email to a customer, how do I get a copy of the file from the table? is there a export trigger to accomplish this?

Bumping this. I would also like to display a file stored in a table record in an app. My particular use is for a history record app. I am uploading historical data (BOM, test data, etc) to this app, and come time for an audit, I would like to be able to press a button and display the uploaded data.

I think I tentatively figured it out. It’ll display if it’s a PDF by putting in the Table Record widget

I didn’t realize it at first because I uploaded a test word doc and the size of the widget was fairly small so I couldn’t see that there was a link to the doc rather than a lack of a visual representation.