Add the ability to annotate images on capture

Maybe the camera widget would allow some simple annotation. An arrow, a circle, and some text.
Ahh of course, @youri.regnaud already asked it :slight_smile:

Hello @mellerbeck,

You may know this but there is already a custom widget available for this : link
Well, it seems this widget only allows for heatmap annotation.



Yeah, I would Looooooove it built in though! Actually modify the image itself

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Unfortunately that widget didn’t quite work, or at least when I tested it back end of last year.

There was a bug raised, you can see this is the post here:

I don’t know if this has progressed unfortunately…

It would be great functionality if this bug was resolved though!

Hi folks!

@MarkStuttard - the Library team actually cleaned up the Image Annotation Widget, so the one currently in Library is up to date and functional (was in Library Release 71 - November 2023).
I could have called that out when it was released, so my apologies for missing that!

@mellerbeck - totally understand the benefit of having something like this built in to the image widget in app editor. However, it does seem like the product team’s focus for now will be to focus on building integrations so annotations can be performed simply via another tool. The thought here is there are far better tools outside of Tulip (free and paid) that can get this done.

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Great news - thanks @Beth :smiley:

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Still would looooooooooooooooove a basic one built in :slight_smile:

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Definitely hear you! I just want to be transparent that may not be a prioritized approach in the near future.

One other thing I want to share just because it’s wicked cool - our partner, Landing AI, has a Library Unit Test that has some really powerful image capabilities folks might be interested in.

Slightly different use cases here, but instead of manually needed to annotate an image or rely on an operator to inspect for certain features, you can utilize Landing AI’s tech to do this for you!

Check out the overview video to see more here:

That does look cool!

@mellerbeck , if there is additional functionality you’re looking for in the annotation / heat map widget, definitely let us know!

Well of course I just want an easy button native support for an image annotation widget :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but that being said the main problem is that its not actually annotating the image. We would like to be able to annotate the image and then use it in other places.