Input camera with annotation

When operator take a photo with camera input widget, it would be very interesting to be able to make annotations on picture, for example to better explain a quality defect


Youri, will users primarily be on a phone, tablet or laptop? I tried out this example on an iPad and it seemed to work pretty well. Would this work for your use case?

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We use Surface for all stations in production with Tulip Player. addon seems cover our notation requirements.


Is the problem /requirement have a chance to be in Tulip roadmap? Do you have similar request?


I would be happy if I had this feature too.
I would like to add figures and arrows when it is difficult to convey with just a photo.
I also want to complete it on tulip player without going through other systems.
I usually use iPad with Tulip player.

Thanks for sharing! We do not have concrete plans to build this feature yet, but if we continue to receive interest, that will move it up in the priority list.

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