Administrative Apps on separate Computers

Hello, first time here and no idea if I´m right. We like to get administrative Apps like overviews, statists and managemant tools on a separate computer.
Seems we need a new licence for any separation?

Hi Michael - Welcome to Tulip Community!! :tada:

This is a great question that I think you are not alone in wondering about. It sounds like you are wanting to run Tulip apps on another “interface” (aka another computer or any device running Tulip apps) - this indeed would count toward your “monthly active interfaces” (MAI) which is the current metric used by Tulip for pricing on new contracts.

This Knowledge Base article may be helpful to better understand instances vs stations and goes into more detail about what I described above: Overview of Stations and Interfaces

You wouldn’t necessarily need a new license/plan for more interfaces (since we charge by count of interfaces). The different tiers of plans are more related to specific features you might need. See more here: Plans & Pricing | Tulip

Does this help?