Badge ID is case sensitive on iPad

Had an operator run into an issue not being able to login to a Tulip app on an iPad. They were receiving “no user with that badge id” error. While troubleshooting this morning I found out that the badge id is case-sensitive + when the iPad keyboard pops up the Cap Locks is on for the first character.

All of the badge IDs on the Users page start with lowercase letters. Is there any other solution besides changing them all to start with upper-case or reminding operators that they need to take off the cap-locks when logging on the Tulip iPad apps?

Same with the iphone and it is an irritation to users, especially those not accustomed to regularly using electronic devices. Would definitely be an improvement to at least even have an option on the iphone app to “ignore case”, perhaps, as an iphone user rarely changes if ever.

You can do the following on your iPhone or iPad:

Settings → General → Keyboard → Auto-Capitalisation

and switch that off.

This will result in always writing in lower case letters if not using the shift key or caps lock.

I find it’s not a good idea to change such a behaviour, because it is actual possible to have similar batch id’s with different casing on some instances and a change in this behaviour would lead to issues there.

If possible the type of input field could be changed to something with no auto capitalisation on iPads or so. But changes in the interpretation of inputs are not trivial.

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@jjj Thanks for raising this issue! We’ve found a fix for this and are going to turn off auto-capitalizing the first letter in the Badge ID field on iOS. You should see this in a Player release soon.


I’ve turned off the auto-cap locks unti the new app update is released.

Thats great news!

Thank you