Indiscriminate the capital letters

Hello team,
Yesterday we worked in a trigger to help a filter button not to consider a capital letter while writing a word. However, yesterday while I was testing the app in an iphone, it keeps running an error that doesn’t allow me to continue working on the app.
Sew below:


Any suggestion to change or modify in order to eliminate this error.

Thanks so much in advance

hello @Judyth, thanks for posting!!

it could be that error message is showing up because the @Variable.ID Filtro is empty. could you add a Condition in this Trigger to say:

If > Expression > @Variable.Filtro ID > Is Not Blank

in this way, the Trigger Actions will only execute if there is an entry in that Variable.

let us know if this works!!

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Thanks a lot @gio… now it is working by not showing any error¡¡

great to hear, no problem @Judyth!!