Unequal behavior of "contains" (table filter vs others)

why is the behavior of the “contains” logic different between using in a table filter and in a button trigger?
In the table filter this is case insensitive in a trigger not.

Regards Chris

Hi Chris,

Thank you for pointing this out! We are looking into this more - will report back :slight_smile:

I must say I like it.

The reason (why I like it) is, that the operator usually doesn’t know how the values are in a table and wants to simply type and filter. (My most common use case for interactive table filters).

However in a trigger, you have far more options.
You can choose to make the values uppercase before, and when you compare them it is insensitive.
You can also compare without manipulation and you have it case sensitive.
This is something you would think through in app building.

Do you get my point?
Sure It would be nice to choose in the filter as well, however then you would create inconsistent behavior from operators view.

Does that make sense?

But maybe you can tell us more about your pain with it. Do you have use cases, where one or the other would be better?

Hi Thorsten,
I totally agree with you, but in my opinion the behavior of a function should be the same over all in the app.
So the best way could be to remove the case sensitivity of all “contains” comparisons. @Beth

Regards and nice weekend

I agree with that so far…

But I strongly disagree with:

  • It’s not the exact same function (it’s almost the same)
    • the one is a filter on a column of a table, the other one checks one variable inside a trigger
  • You would loose the possibility to choose if you need to compare case sensitive…
  • There are already apps that rely on this solution, you can’t change the behavior

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get your point!

If this is important to you, you could suggest to add an extra “contains but case insensitive” option.
And a case sensitive option on the filters. (then the naming can be aligned)
And when we are so far, we could also think about a fuzzy search option (ignoring typos, spaces, capitalizing…)

What do you think?

fuzzy logic :star_struck: :100:

your’re right: triggers are more flexible than the filter function. And when getting data from our ERP I don’t know the “creative” notation of the articles too.
An additional function as you suggested would also be a nice solution. Waiting for an answer from Beth

Regards Chris