Make search functions case-insensitive

Searching in tables in the apps is case-sensitive. To find an ‘item’ in a table, users have to search for it exactly as it is listed with lower or upper case. This is very frustrating for our users. A case-insensitive search function would be a very helpful improvement.

Hey @DNSZ -

Fantastic idea! I made a feature request for this and will do what I can to get it addressed sooner rather than later.


Talked to the developers on this one. With r231 (LTS customers will see in LTS8) we adjusted this behavior so “Equals” filters are case sensitive and the “Contains” filter will not be case sensitive. The thought being that Contains is effectively acting as a Fuzzy search where case sensitivity is less strictly enforced.

I could see some cases where you would want an equals filter that isn’t case sensitive. Is this your case? or can you get away with a contains to get around this limitation?


Keep the ideas coming!

Hey Pete! Thank you for the super quick response. Sounds like a good solution. Great to hear that it will be improved with LTS8.


For those curious in the future -

As of LTS8/r231 this is the current case sensitivity behavior for each conditional type:


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Just wanna throw this feature request out there as it seems related: Linked Record Search Should be Case Insensitive

Thanks for bumping that thread! Looks like that request was resolved in October of 2021, we just failed to update the community thread!


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