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Our team is utilizing the QR Barcode scanner through Samsung tablets and we are finding that it can take a significant amount of time for the QR to trigger the next step. At first, I was thinking that it could be the Trigger Logic that I had built in my app, however, we are finding this across the board. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

hello @Peter, and welcome to the Tulip Community!!

have you only selected the QR code from the embedded barcode scanning widget??

this can significantly improve performance.

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@gio , thank you for the welcome and thank you for providing this feedback! This was the first counter measure I put in place, but it did not bring faster results. Do you know of other obstacles or blocks that would slow the process?

no problem @Peter!! OK, in that case, there a couple of follow up questions that can help us identify how to speed up the scans:

  1. I remember your colleague @velogirlrides mentioned there are several Connector Functions running when a barcode is scanned. can you try isolating the barcode scan to only show a message of the scanned code and seeing if that is faster??

  2. what is the model of the Samsung tablet are you using?? we have minimum spec’s for tablets listed here

  3. is the lighting & resolution on the QR code good??

thanks for helping us identify how to speed this up!!

I’ve confirmed that Peter’s Maker Tracking app is experiencing slower scanning results than Dustin’s Fabric Inventory app. Both are using the same type of tablet. Both are using data connectors. Maker Tracking app uses data from two data connectors in the trigger logic for the initial scan. Fabric Inventory app uses data from one data connector. When I test all three data connectors, two run very quickly and one is very slow. Both the data connectors that are running quickly and the one that is running slowly are loaded into MySQL in the same way. I will send some screenshots showing the trigger logic for each app and identifying the data connector with slow performance separately since I cannot see an option for attaching it here.

thanks for sharing this information @velogirlrides!! is the Connector Function that is slow only slow from when you’re scanning a QR code or also from the Test in the Connectors page??

also, to upload an image, you can click this button:

When I test in the Connectors page, it runs very slowly. This makes me think it’s the culprit. Ideas?

We just started getting errors on the floor related to connectors. Are you working in our account?

Update: When testing in the Connectors page of Tulip, kanban IDs that begin with “20” run very quickly. kanban IDs that begin with “21” run very slowly. This makes no sense to me, but it’s a clue.

The first two digits of a kanban ID are the last two digits of the year - 2020 vs 2021.

Peter is testing the same by scanning now. He will report his results.

OK, thanks for sharing @velogirlrides.

that’s interesting, are there many more records with ID 21 that could be slowing down the query??

The total number of records is just over 12K. There are lots more that begin with 20 (faster in test and scan) than 21 (slower in test and scan).

UPDATE: We’ve found a potential issue with the MySQL database. Working on it now. This may resolve the issue.

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